Cancun from the depths.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya have a variety of sports and  recreational activities available both in the water and out.
  You can experience The Nichupte Lagoon System formed by he  connecting bodies of water covering some 6,700 hectares in all. There are  crocodiles and watching these reptiles and other species in the mangroves is  one the fascinating activities.
  The ocean and the lagoon are perfect natural frameworks that  allow Cancun to offer a greater diversity of water-related services. The infrastructure  of the Mexican Caribbean is one the best; over 60 marinas and water sport  centers with professionals operators who are experts in their fields, and  excellent fleet for providing services and the use of cutting edge technology-  with environmental awareness.

In contact with nature: a rich  learning experience

An incomparable experience is the catamaran tours and they  party boats that sail to Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and other nearby destinations.  Windsurfing is also a great option. By night, go for a sail of the replica of a  pirate ship to enjoy on-board dining and entertainment.  Another of the popular activities is  snorkeling, accessible to all doesn’t required much experience or equipment.  The choice offered is particularly nice. Embark on a fun jungle tour that  combines navigation, snorkeling and a mangrove tour. There attractions and  variety for all: for the more intrepid, jet skis and parasailing: for lovers of  the open sea deep-sea fishing; and for those who love the deep blue sea, there  are chartered dives and, for the experts, night-dives and cave diving in the  area’s incredible cenotes (sink holes).
  Water activities are an inseparable-and fun!-compliment to  the beaches of these destinations. The coral reefs of the National Parks possess  an incredible biodiversity of the marine ecosystem that form s part of the  second largest reef system in the world; its variety and beauty are unequaled.  Don’t miss a visit to a ship that was sunk – and is now the happy abode of  color fish – as part of the National park’s management and conservation  program. The experiences are amazing!
  The Mexican Caribbean is national and international example  of conservation efforts because all it’s reef areas are Protected Natural Areas  and classified as part of the National Park. The park has a management program  and financing that allows it to operate and crate programs the benefit  conservation efforts in order to achieve sustainable use of its natural  resources.


A festival of lights, color and flavor

In addition to spending afternoons by the turquoise sea,  swinging in a hammock, watching the passing couples; your trip to Cancun and  The Riviera Maya could be a culinary and recreational exploration. The Mexican  Caribbean has become very cosmopolitan, which chefs from all over the world.  Every other year during the first two weeks of November The Gastronomy Festival  of the Mexican Caribbean is celebrated. About 30 restaurants and chefs  participate in the delicious competitions: Professional Chefs, -Up-an-Coming  Young Chefs, and Bartenders. There is also the Beer Festival. The Paella  Festival. The Expo Tequila, in which an expert tequilier gives a presentation  of the most popular drink in Mexico. Its history, principal producer regions,  distillation process, and the differences between the various types. Visit the  excellent Mexican restaurants. Start with white tequila poured into a “caballito”  (the special glass for tequila). Try an appetizer of fried cheese in green  salsa. Aged tequila is perfect to accompany a main dish like a delicious  lobster in tamarind sauce. For dessert choose an aged cactus liquor to  accompany coffee and banana crepes with cinnamon ice cream. Each day you could  visit a different place to satisfy every craving. There are Caribbean  specialties, also Argentinean, Italian or French food, sample and enjoy  Japanese, Chinese and Spanish cuisines. And of course, being this close to the  ocean, enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood. Many restaurants in Cancun and the  Riviera Maya are mentioned in the finest travel magazines, and have been  recognized with awards by the American Automobile Association (AAA), the Famous  Michelin Guide, Dirona, The Association of hospitality Sciences, and other  prestigious institutions. The surroundings are also enjoyable: a palapa by the  sea or a breezy terrace be a beautiful lagoon, eclectic retro decoration with  African touches, or even elegant, austere minimalism.
  To burn all those calories try living the Nightlife. It is  really an adventure in Cancun and playa del Carmen; you will find famous  nightclubs, with modern, sophisticated sound and light system, different shows  every night, world-famous DJ’s, live music, performance… The streets are filled  with light and color, as well as artisans, photographers, street performers and  people coming and going, trying not to miss a thing. After a night of dancing,  the lounges were waiting for us with gourmet snacks and mellower music.   Cancun and Playa del Carmen area a world-class destinations  for gastronomy and entertainment. It’s not surprising that this should be the  case in the number one tourist hotspot in Mexico and Latin America. As far as  restaurants are concerned, there’s always something new and exciting. And the  nightlife of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are without a doubt one of their  greatest attractions.


Sun, Paradise and strategy

The Mexican Caribbean, the new golf paradise.   Cancun and the Riviera Maya is a golf destination.  Specialized magazines say the golf plays a starring role in this paradise, as  many of the people who visit come specifically to play and many international  golfing events take place here, in one of the most splendid locations on the  planet.
  The magical scenery permits the creators of golf courses to  give the environment curves, mounds, fairways and greens, creating a perfect  combination of natural scenery and modern design. The rich Mayan culture is  present everywhere and some courses have been built near vestiges of one of the  most enigmatic civilizations that ever existed on this earth.   The Mexican Caribbean offers: practice areas, putting  greens, golf car rental, golf clubs special shoes, and tips from on-site pros.  Also enjoy refreshing and original drinks in the Club Houses. The pro shops  offer everything one might need.
  Famous designers with a presence in the Mexican Caribbean  golf courses owe their success and prestige to the designer or group that  prints its signature, some of them internationally renewed with a presence in  the Mexican Caribbean.
  Among the most well-know: Robert Trend Jones Jr. designed  the Cancun Golf Club: Jack Nicklaus, sings and endorses Moon Spa & Golf  Club. Playacar Spa & Golf Club was designed by Robert Von Hagge. Puerto  Aventuras was designed by Thomas Lehman. The Nicklaus Signature, and his  company, Nicklaus Design, take the honors for the Mayan Resorts Golf Riviera  Maya course and the Cozumel Country Club. There is also the Hilton Cancun Golf  Club golf course, designed by Isao Aoki and Pedro Guereca. Iberosta Playa  Paraiso Golf, by P.B. Dye, has just opened, as well as Playa Mujeres Golf Club,  designed by Greg Norman and some interesting golf complexes are projected  opening in the short term, Puerto Cancun designed by Tom Weiskopf.


The beauty of the greens is enriched by many of the events  that have taken place in the Mexican Caribbean, such as the edition of the  Cancun Classic, which recently took place in the 4th Cd. De la  Alegria Tournament. In 2006, the French Pro-Am was headquartered at the Hilton  Cancun Golf Club’s golf course the Mexican Caribbean is shaping up to be a  mayor destination for golfers. Is it without a doubt, an increasingly  attractive panorama for those who love golf.


Treatments that Lighten the Spirit and Relax the Body

When arriving to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, worn out from  pressures of work, city stress, the bustle and rush at the airport, don’t you wish  a delicious aromatherapy bath was waiting for you in your hotel suit?. Plan was  to go a step beyond the traditional concept of relaxing. Enjoy a revitalizing  vacation and return more beautiful and at ease than when you left home. Here,  the ancient wisdom of pre-Hispanic Cultures and the most advanced technology  are combined, offering regenerating therapies and specialized programs.   The spas in The Mexican Caribbean: Among the best in the  world.   Another great advantage of this region is that local natural  resources are used: plants, fruits and alternative medicine, as well as herbal  lore inherited from the Maya civilization. You can find therapist from all over  the world. Professionals whose qualifications are constantly renewed as they  travel to every corner of the world to learn from authentic shamans about  treatments that provide both physical and spiritual balance. During your  vacation in the Mexican Caribbean you will find many spas that are listed among  the best in the world. They use a variety of techniques combined with the most  recent scientific advances, and most of all, the vast catalogue of treatments  available for all tastes, needs, and budgets.
  Eclectic decoration, harmony and elegance, with rustic  touches visit the spas and enjoy the blessing bestowed by nature on these  marvelous destinations, as well as the mundane cravings of comfort and good  food, elegance and good taste.  The  detail in the spas? Design and decoration catches the eye. Rustic touches are  pervasive, with generous use of regional bamboo and woods, harmonious fountains  and aromatic candles. There are also the ultramodern spas, one of them with a  semi Olympic indoor pool and a view of the beautiful lagoon with its spectacular  sunsets. Not to mention the ind as hospitable attention one receives from all  the spas?  Staffs, as if one were a king  or queen. The spas in Cancun and the Riviera Maya have received excellent  reviews on the treatments, environment, novelties, prices and grounds from  tourist as well as from associations of peers.


A world of temptations tied up with a bow

Although the sun delicious warms the beaches of Cancun, it’s  imperative to dedicate part of your vacation to window shopping and purchasing  things, and discovering items you can’t find elsewhere at the shopping malls  (with more than two thousand shops and boutiques). You can visit the most  famous malls and there are some wonderful experiences to be had.   Plaza Caracol, a tradition in the heart of the hotel zone,  has 200 stores, restaurants, and services, from the simplest gift to the most  sophisticated jewel. One the side where the lagoon lies is Flamingo Plaza, with  its World-renowned sports equipment, perfumes, crafts, jewelry and restaurant.
  Forum by the Sea, facing the Caribbean Sea, is the Cancun’s  major night time hotspot, with more than 80 businesses, including the most  important restaurants and night clubs.   La Isla Shopping Village is a luxurious shopping mall with  an impressive architectural concept that resembles a Caribbean village. It has  150 businesses, including the most varied and exclusive fashion and accessories  boutiques, jewelry stores, silver and perfume shops, crafts, entertainment,  restaurants and services. Kukulcan Plaza, with its glamorous Luxury Avenue,  which is most exclusive shopping mall in all of Cancun, with boutiques of  international prestige, fine jewelry stores with unique pieces, elegant perfume  stores, and select restaurants. Coral  Negro, la Fiesta, El Zocalo and Mercado 28- full of Mexican crafts-. The  shopping malls offer special prices; there are information modules where you  can get discount coupons and information on current sales. Tulum Avenue is an  attractive place with crafts markets like the Ki-Huic.

What to buy in Cancun

The recommendations of your Concierge.  Each plaza has a different architectural  style, with kiosks and carts with curios such as cartoons, wooden animal  puzzles, or Mexican candy. In Cancun, you can find ceramics, textiles, talavera,  coarse cotton cloth, leather, and silver….basically an example of the beautiful  crafts from every corner of the country.   At some of the  shopping malls you will find exquisite stores that offer real duty free prices  on expensive watches, French perfumes, brands like Christofle, Lalique, Lladro  and Baccarat, and many other beautiful designer items. Do not miss visiting  these boutiques!
  A little frivolous. Cancun is a place that offers some of  the most famous fragrances, cosmetics and beauty treatments of the world. These  specialized stores have the latest international products. And the clothes…I  tried on many brands and styles! There is also casual clothing and every nice  beach accessories of all prices. Later on, I found out that shopping tours  around the city are popular in the hotels, and I wasn’t surprised that this was  true in a free port with such attractive prices.